University Photography Changes effective July 1st, 2013

I. Photo usage fees

1. A limited collection of University images is still available at no cost for use in University projects. This collection is in a password-protected gallery on and can be accessed by University employees at ____________.

2. All other photography from our University collection on will no longer be free of charge unless you are contracting with our web or print team to create your project. All web and print projects produced by our Marketing Communications teams will include stock photography free of charge.

3. Your current account will remain open, but in order to reactivate download privileges, you will need to submit this form _______________ and choose one of the two options listed below:

4. Two new options for the use of University stock photography include: a. An annual subscription for unlimited downloads from for a fee of $1,500 per year. b. Individual downloads of photo files for a fee of $25 per use. If you plan to use more than 60 images per year, the subscription is a better option for you.

5. All prints of University images must still be ordered through Our department oversees the cropping and quality of every print order.

6. Please keep in mind that University photography is copyrighted and images may be used for University projects only. Personal use is prohibited.

II. Evening and weekend photography rates

Any shoots scheduled for evening or weekend hours will be charged a rate of $125 hour for the services of either Matt Cashore or Barbara Johnston.

If we arrange for a freelance photographer to handle your evening or weekend shoot, the standard rate of $90/hour will be charged.

These hours include: Monday – Friday after 5:30 p.m. Anytime Saturday or Sunday